Personal Information Rights Request Form

Pinna respects your privacy rights and will respond to all requests as required by law. We ask that you complete this form so that we have a written record of your request and that we can promptly respond.


You can cancel or manage your subscription and much of the personal information we collect using your account settings if you have an account with us. See our FAQ for instructions on how to cancel.

Cookies/Third Party Collection

To manage/opt out of cookies on and third party tracking technologies on and the Pinna app, by customizing your privacy settings.


We will first send you an acknowledgement email. Please review it carefully because we may need to request more information to process your request.

As required by law, we need to verify your identity, so we need you to supply certain personal information along with your request. If you are making a request on someone else’s behalf, we may need you to provide us with evidence of your relationship to the person about whom the request relates.

Please know that Pinna may not be obligated to follow through with your request or respond in the way you anticipated if you make a request to exercise a right to which you are not entitled, if your request conflicts with law, or if your request is subject to exceptions provided for in the law.

Name of the person that is the subject of the request.
Relationship to the person(s) that is the subject of the request.
Email address to communicate about this request.
Email address previously used to communicated with Pinna, if applicable.
Please provide customer ID number, company name, or any other information to find your records. DO NOT provide your social security number, credit card number or other sensitive personal information
Applies to subject.